Melanie Goetz, M.A., M.A., Registered Associate MFT

Melanie Goetz, M.A., M.A., Registered Associate MFT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Contact: Ph. (760) 453-0373

Hi, I am Melanie, welcome. Please take a moment and celebrate your courageous step in seeking help. Maybe this is your first time reaching out for help, or maybe you are wanting to revisit some persisting issues in your life. Either way, I am glad you are taking this step. I hope this glance of what therapy with me will look like helps build the bridge from seeking to receiving the help you’ve been looking for.


I utilize my academic training, as well as specialized training around trauma and relationships that recognizes the importance of full integration of mind, emotion, and body. This integration pulls from both verbal and non-verbal communication, allowing the body sensations, emotions, and thoughts to all be heard and addressed.


I am passionate about my work with kids, adolescents, adults, and couples practicing tools that help meet their need for connection in healthy and safe ways.


We all do the best we can, with the tools we have, at any given time. We’re created for connection, and our brains are structured to keep us safe. Safety is initially met through the bonding and security of close, reliable relationships. At times however, our brain’s efforts to keep us safe and our desire for connection get all knotted up. Sometimes, our experiences teach us to speak, act, or withdraw to attain the connection we desperately long for. And at other times, our experiences teach us that connection cannot be safe. Unfortunately, at the end of the day relationships can be exhausting and leave us discouraged and disconnected.


I believe therapy is a unique opportunity where we can heal past and current hurts through the secure relationship we establish as therapist and client. I strive to maintain a safe and non-judgmental environment where we work together to map out the path for your healing journey. I’ll get to know your world, and together we’ll discover the obstacles that have been standing in your way. Therapy will be the place to practice healthy tools to enrich your life, especially your relationships. And along the way, we’ll help your body to identify the hidden messages and release any left over fear responses from past hurts.


I want to see you thrive, and I will listen and be present with you in the moments when the process gets tough or uncomfortable—the moments of “it’s okay to not be okay.” When we cross the finish line, I will be among your cheerleaders celebrating your victory alongside you.


I look forward to journeying with you soon.

  • Graduate: New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Undergrad: Colorado Christian University; University of Nicosia, Cyprus; Florence University of Arts
  • Associate #: AMFT 108886
  • Supervised by Dr. Jennifer Semmes
  • EMDR – Child Specialist Level 1, Adults
  • Dynamic Attachment Re-patterning Experience (DARe)
  • Gottman Method Couples Therapy – Level 3
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI)
  • Attachment Core Pattern Therapy
  • Individual Therapy (children/ teens/ adults)
  • Couples Counseling
  • Family Therapy

Specialties: attachment disruptions, relationship issues, trauma, achy bodies or undiagnosable physical symptoms, self-esteem, sensory input processing, behavioral issues, and parenting.

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