Author: Jenny Barnes

24 May How Can I Help?

People seek therapy for many reasons. If you’re reading this, it’s a strong possibility you yourself have been in therapy at some point in your life. Some come to explore existential thoughts and feelings; some to address feelings of depression, anxiety or some other specific...

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24 May An Apology to Myself

I have known Diana for many years, I knew her when she was in her abusive relationship. I knew that she had problems with her relationship, and was not happy. I’d even heard her (then) husband referred to as an “asshole.” As a relationship therapist,...

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24 May Emotional Responsiblity

One of the most common and important concepts I address with clients in private practice is the concept of emotional responsibility. For those who grew up in homes where family roles were clearly defined and expectations were explicit, the process of becoming a self-reliant and...

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